Chair's WelcomeOn behalf of the National Women’s Council, I’ll like to welcome you to the 2016 inaugural Dallas Women’s Conference. This is one of many conferences that are being held nationwide to celebrate the successes women have achieved in the workplace, and to discuss strategies to turn everyday challenges into success stories. We have organized a lineup of events consisting of breakout sessions, networking events and keynote speeches to help you gain the practical tools to move from “Vision” to “Impact.”

Also, we will be honoring the top 15Business Women in Dallas during the awards luncheon to showcase the successes these women have achieved over the years. You will also get the opportunity to hear from some of these women on how they are still shattering the glass ceiling. Thus,we encourage you to take notes, ask questions and most importantly network with other women throughout the conference. In today’s competitive and dynamic environment, it has never been more critical for women to develop strong networks.

Lastly, we know that despite the strides women have made in the workplace, there are still some unconscious biases towards women as transformational leaders in the workplace. Hence, we’ve put together a diverse pool of speakers consisting of men and women to help shed light on this critical topic. As Seth Godin says, “Transformational Leaders don’t start by denying the world around them. Instead, they describe a future they’ll like to create.” Our mission is to provide insights and practical tools to help women advocate for their future, for their organizations and for their communities. We hope you’ll leave the conference inspired and energized to pursue your vision relentlessly till you achieve it.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all of our sponsors, organizers, speakers and volunteers for their support in making this a successful conference.

Cynthia Nwaubani, CPA
Event Chair, Dallas Women’s Conference
Commercial Relationship Manager
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.